Our Ingredients

Why Beeswax?
Beeswax burns brighter, cleaner, and much longer than traditional paraffin and soy candles. When heated, beeswax releases negatively charged ions that seek out and cling to the positive ions in the air (such as dust, pet dander, mold, pollen, and other pollutants) weighing them down to surfaces, helping keep the air clean and fresh. They are especially good for those with allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to strong scents.

Why Coconut Oil?

Beeswax alone is very dense and tends to only melt directly around the wick, wasting most of the wax. We use a small amount of coconut oil to soften our beeswax as a natural way to ensure an even burn and to prevent the candle from tunneling, saving wax and adding length to the overall life of the candle. Coconut Oil also has moisturizing properties and, when the candle wax cools, it can be rubbed on the lips as a natural honey scented, waterproof lip balm!

Why Hemp Wicks?
We use Certified Organic Hemp Wicks, because Hemp burns clean and smoke free, its sustainably sourced and, unlike cotton, is never treated with pesticides as it is naturally resistant to pests.

To Get the Most Out of Your Beeswax Candles:
It is important not to trim your wicks. The first time you light the candle you let it burn long enough (2.5-3 hours) for the entire top of the candle to melt, to prevent the candle from tunneling (melting in a tunnel, instead of melting the entire candle). As with all candles, do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time, to prevent the wick from sinking into the candle. It's easy to forget how much damage a tiny little candle can do, but always remember to burn candle within eyesight, where it won't be disturbed while burning, out of reach of children, pets, and breezes, and away from anything flammable. Only trim your wicks if they are mushrooming and producing soot. 

Aromatherapy Candles are made from organic essential oil blends and beeswax blend that not only have a wonderful aroma, but those aromas have therapeutic effects as well! Burning aromatherapy candles are a great way to diffuse its fragrant scent into a room, which creates a pleasant atmosphere by dispersing a soothing, uplifting and rejuvenating aroma. Our aromatherapy candles are made using only natural products for the best healing effect, free from man-made dyes and chemical perfumes. Aromatherapy candles are made with a wide variety of pure essential oils and have many different qualities to promote mental and physical well being. For example, a mandarin aromatherapy can help create a calming environment and relieve anxiety!
All of the essential oils used in our candles are GCMS tested for purity.